Ethnographic Research: At ALT we love to interact with people. Finding a good solution always depends on ones ability to understand the real problem. Using a user centric and inclusive design approach we are able to deliver impactful ethnographic research findings, key to a successful design solution.
Creative facilitation: At ALT we believe that everybody can be creative.  We love design and we love when people understand what this is about. That’s why we provide workshops on multiple creative thematic. Those workshops help facilitate creative thinking for your business, would it be service or product based.If you want to know more about the creative facilitation services or if you have a special requirement please contact us directly.
Industrial Design: This is the core of our business. We love to design products and we do it well. Depending on your requirements, we can offer Industrial Design services, from ideation sketches to detailed 3D renderings and prototyping.
Design for Manufacture: The gap between designing a product and making it work is enormous. At ALT, it is our proudness to offer not only ideation design services but also the whole product development and engineering package.
Branding & Identity: No matter how good your product or service is one can fail to communicate it effectively if the brand identity is not thought carefully. At ALT, we believe that the brand value and the brand identity should be delivered concurrently with other area of the development. When we create something we love to do it from A to Z and we have the internal capabilities to achieve that.