Peroni | Ribbon Cocktail Stick

Aperitivo. Who has never enjoyed this pure moment of relaxation? This is a fluid transition between work and play, between day and night. This is drink, this is food, this is taste and it can be symbolise by one little object: the cocktail stick! That simple tool connecting the food and the mouth. A tool with a single use. Once in your hand it becomes encumbering. Should you keep it to pick another snack? Should you throw it away? Where can you put it? No more questions! Take a Peroni Ribbon Cocktail Stick, enjoy a few snacks, roll the Ribbon Cocktail stick around your Peroni bottle and if you want another snack just unroll it! It is bistable!

The Ribbon Cocktail Stick was selected as a finalist for the Peroni & Alessi Blue Ribbon Design Award.

Inspiration: bicycle reflective strap.

Final prototype.